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Enecoat Technologies is a startup established by Kyoto University in January 2018, and we develop perovskite solar cells, regarded as the front-runner in next-generation solar cells. The company was launched with the full support of Kyoto University based on research seeds studied over several years by the Wakamiya Laboratory at the Kyoto University Institute for Chemical Research.


Profile (at August 2018)


Business name EneCoat Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Founded January 11, 2018
Head office address 36-1, Kyoto Shi, Sakyo Ku Kyoto University International Science Innovation Building
inside the Kyoto University Venture Incubation Center (KUViC)
Lab Uji Development Center
1-25, Nishinohata, Okubo Cho, Uji Shi, Kyoto Fu
Uji Venture Company Training Plant, 4th
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Founder Representative Director Chairman/Yasuyoshi Kawanishi
President and CEO/Naoya Kato
Chief Science Officer/Atsushi Wakamiya/Kyoto University Institute for Chemical Research/Professor
Director/Hiroaki Tanaka/Lawyer
Business Manufacture and sales of Perovskite solar cells (PSC) and related materials



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Directors & Officers


Representative Director Chairman Yasuyoshi Kawanishi
President and CEO Naoya Kato
Chief Science Officer Atsushi Wakamiya
Director Hiroaki Tanaka