Enecoat Technologies


About EneCoat Technologies

EneCoat Technologies is working on materials development for perovskite solar cells and the commercialization of modules.
We will create the future of energy through thin-film solar cells with the aims of protecting the environment and effectively utilizing natural energy sources.

  • High Efficiency

    Reached a conversion efficiency of 20% the fastest among the many potential materials for next-generation solar cells As of Sept. 2020, it holds the world record at the cell size of 25.6%

  • High Efficiency Generation
    in Moderate to Low
    Light Conditions

    In addition to bright light (e.g., sunny weather), it maintains relatively high generation efficiency even in moderate (e.g., cloudy weather) or low (e.g., indoor lighting) light conditions

  • Low Cost
    Coating Process

    A low-temperature coating process and the nano-level thin film of the coating layer keep manufacturing costs low

  • Versatile
    Thin Film,

    A poewr gereration of a thin film is very high for the weight Using ultra-thin glass and films as a substrate, it enables the creation of both lightweight and flexible solar cells

Perovskite solar cells
bring about good change
in our lives.
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Wearable device

  • Smart Watch
  • Various portable devices


  • Drone
  • Solar Plane
  • Solar Car


  • Carport
  • Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic
  • Smart Lamp

Under Special Circumstances

  • Development of Space Technology